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The Arcanum

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch mit 158 Seiten für [Atlantis]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Bard Games *

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1984/1985

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The Arcanum¸ the core rulebook for the Atlantean system¸ is quite possibly the finest of the old-style RPG books ever written. The author¸ Stephen Michael Sechi¸ went on to write the excellent Talislanta system¸ based around the incredibly detailed world of Talislanta. The Arcanum has many connections to the later world of Talislanta¸ but retains its own particular flavor. Noteworthy in this book is that it incorporates both the concept of a level-driven system and that of a skill-based system¸ something quite uncommon in RPGs (of those in its era¸ only Rolemaster did something similar). Its basic mechanics¸ however¸ are FAR easier than Rolemasters¸ more consistent than that of TSRs Dungeons and Dragons series¸ and overall actually more comprehensive as well. The Arcanum divides magic into many different schools¸ provides a multitude of different classes and skills¸ and in addition gives rules for alchemy (a compressed version of those found in The Compleat Alchemist)¸ lists of interesting magical items¸ and a myriad of playable races; some¸ like the Druas¸ Beastmen¸ and Aesir¸ are extremely unusual and interesting. One of my all-time favorites in the roleplaying field¸ The Arcanum has been one of my mainstays for a decade and a half of play. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in fantasy roleplaying games. anonymous Amazon user
This book is the first part of the Atlantean Trilogy¸ released in 1984 (with a 2nd edition in 1985).
Alchemy and magic in the lost world of Atlantis. Contains nearly 500 spells¸ hundreds of alchemical and magical scripts¸ ciphers¸ symbols¸ wards¸ and runes. Also featured are optional rules for combat and magic¸ 27 character classes¸ new non-human races for player characters¸ photocopyable character sheets and spell cards along with a multitude of interesting game variants.

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