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Griffin Island: A Wilderness Campaign for Runequest

Produkttyp: Abenteuer ¸ Box für [Gateway]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Games Workshop

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1986/1988

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Soldier Port is the first stop at Griffin Island. The town teems with rumors and offers of employment¸ honest or not. Maugre¸ a tyrannical foreigner¸ runs the port with deadly precision¸ heavily taxing the merchants to secure his personal fortune. From Soldier Port you can explore Griffin Island. With an area equivalent to the whole of England¸ theres plenty of room to roam. Adventures abound. Journey to the great citadels of Nidik and Surlt¸ where the odor of civilization mingles with breezy tribal traditions to create an adventure-laden atmosphere. Seek the lost Windsword¸ a fabled weapon forged to battle chaos. Help free the citadel of Ockless from grim domination by its orc overlords.

Griffin island provides everything you need to run entertaining roleplaying adventures¸ its wealth of information frees you from hours of creating¸ describing¸ and quantifying¸ and lets you join in the fun of playing. This box contains dozens of detailed scenarios¸ scenario ideas¸ plot hooks¸ incidental encounters¸ and a variety of detailed characters.
Griffin Island is a complete RuneQuest wilderness campaign¸ ready-to-play. As a RuneQuest Gateway supplement¸ use it in your fantasy world wherever you need a remote¸ unexplored island rarely visited by outsiders and left untouched by the cosmic events of your universe.

Griffin Island is based on Griffin Mountain¸ published several years ago by Chaosium Inc. for second-edition RuneQuest. Some material has been retained from that previous edition. All background and political material is significantly altered.

• Ancient Map: this is the players primary source of knowledge. It contains the notes of Aigonus Wndsword¸ an early explorer who circumnavigated the island a hundred years before the adventurers arrived.
• Player Handouts: data to be given to the players at the proper time. The pages of information presented in this manner save the gamemaster hours of preparation time¸ and quickens the pace of the game session.
• Gamemaster Book: contains both common and secret information necessary for the gamemaster to run the Griffin Island campaign.
• Scenarios Book: contains ten full-length scenarios¸ innumerable scenario suggestions¸ and a variety of random encounters which allow the garnemaster and the players to spend hours enjoyably investigating Griffin Islands darkest secrets.

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