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Gods of Glorantha: 60 Religions for Runequest

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Verlag: Avalon Hill [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1985

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GODS OF GLORANTHA describes 60 major Gloranthan religions for humans and non-humans¸ for good guys and bad¸ for men and women¸ all from an array of different cultures.
A new short-description format was developed specifically for this supplement. It provides the necessary game information for both the gamemaster and the players to accurately portray worshipers of these religions. The deities included are:
Aldrya ~ Ancestor gods ~ Argan Argar ~ Asrelia ~ Babeester Gor ~ Bagog ~ Chalana Arroy ~ City gods ~ Dendara ~ Donandar ~ Dormal ~ East Isles gods ~ Eiritha ~ Ernalda ~ Etyries ~ Flamal ~ Godunya ~ Gorgorma ~ Grain goddesses ~ Horned Man ~ Humakt ~ Hunter ~ Hykim ~ Path of Immanent Mastery ~ Invisible God ~ Issaries ~ Krarsht ~ Kyger Litor ~ Lhankor Mhy ~ Lodril ~ Lokarnos ~ Magasta ~ Malia ~ Maran Gor ~ Mastakos ~ Mostal ~ Orlanth ~ Pamalt ~ Pocharngo ~ Primal Chaos ~ Red Goddess ~ River gods ~ Seven Mothers ~ Storm Bull ~ Subere ~ Thed ~ Thief gods ~ Trickster ~ Triolina ~ Tsankth ~ Ty Kora Tek ~ Uleria ~ Valind ~ Voria ~ Wachaza ~ Waha ~ Xiola Umbar ~ Yelm ~ Yelmalio ~ Zorak Zoran.
PROSOPAEDIA: in this book hundreds of deities¸ heroes and heroines are listed¸ without cult details¸ to flesh out the pantheons. These notes provide their accomplishments and comment on their inter-relationships.
WHAT THE PRIESTS SAY: this booklet is intended for players. Priests of nine pantheons answer the seven fundamental questions which every initiate asks. Given are views for Dwarf¸ Eastern¸ Elf¸ Lunar¸ Malkioni¸ Orlanthi¸ Pamaltelan¸ Praxian¸ and Troll pantheons.
CULTS BOOK: this book contains 60 cult descriptions¸ including an explanation of the deity¸ initiate requirements¸ priest requirements¸ other offices (if present)¸ and spells. It further provides: * 13 new skills * 11 new spirit spells * 17 new sorcery spells * 193 new divine spells * 13 major pantheons from which the 60 cults are drawn¸ including worship-distribution maps * Rune lord information * iron and rune-metal notes * acolytes * associate cult status * mythical history of the world¸ from Pre-Creation to the Hero Wars
GLORANTHAN CALENDAR: a 12-page calendar showing the five Gloranthan seasons and Sacred Time¸ each with an accompanying illustration. High Holy Days for the 60 religions are noted on the proper days.

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